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Dreama Tolle Perry has two delight-filled painting adventure courses.

  • Timeless Tuscany, set in Italy
  • and Once Upon a Time in Provence, set in France

Timeless Tuscany and Once Upon a Time in Provence are filled with painting videos, travel videos that take you into villages & show you slices of everyday life, bonus photos for painting, recipes, book/movie recommendations, quiet time videos and so much more, these online courses create an experience unlike any other. You can take the quiz below to see which of the travel courses best suits you

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What Students Say...

"... one really feels like they are there without taking the flight .

Your demonstrations of painting techniques in the midst of a cultural inspired me to give it a try. You showed me how you paint and that it’s ok to make mistakes, that the joy is in the process as well as the outcome." - S.W


"This is a funny and remarkable lady who has a gift for teaching and instilling confidence in her students.

Throughout the course you feel as if it is just you and Dreama over coffee, and she is sharing her inspiration or explaining to you just what you need to hear. This course is simply a wonderful experience that not only helped me understand Dreama’s painting “recipes” but her open-hearted approach to life. I highly recommend!" - P.J.


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Once Upon a Time in Provence

Visit France and paint, all from the comfort of your home! 9 oil paintings, videos, painting notes & more--- designed for all levels. Vibrant color and expressive brushwork await! 40% off for 12 months access - $297 for a limited time.

A payment plan is also available.


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Timeless Tuscany

9 vibrantly colorful oil paintings that you'll learn to paint! This joyful online painting experience, set in Italy, is for all levels. Discover vibrant color & looser painting! 40% off for 12 months access - $297 for a limited time!

A payment plan is also available.

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