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It's time to do what makes your soul happy.
Once Upon a Time in Provence THE online painting course that’s all about France--- designed with your happiness in mind!
It's a never before done magical adventure of French inspiration for the artist in you.
An entire crew was brought together - filming and shutter bugging all over the south of France - so that you might walk in those places without ever leaving home. 8 romantic villages, shimmering fields of poppies, the heart of a timeless winery, the fabled flower market of Aix en Provence, colorful vegetable markets, a fanciful antique market and all of this paired with instructional painting videos!

What you'll learn


Module 1. Home

We arrive this week in France, unpack our bags and settle in. We get close up to some French pastries with our paints, speak a little French, and set about the pleasant task of bringing France home. Lots of daydreaming involved, bonus photos, some travel diary entries, 3 paintings and great French music round out this amazing passage to France.

Module 2. Winery

This week we wind our way through the streets of Menerbes and paint the doors of France. Fun surprises in our aptly named Ooh La La section will have you seeing, thinking, eating, and speaking French. More bonus photos waiting for you to paint and a bit of inspirational words from me to you, filmed at the vineyard.


Module 3. Flower market

This is a daydream adventure! From picking cherries in our own back yard in Provence - to shopping the market in L’Ilse sur la Sorgue for flowers, we have great things cookin’ this week. French recipes, juicy painting, music at the market and wonderful French pinups for your space. And did I mention bonus photos of France? All France, all for you!


Module 4. Poppy Fields

Ooh la la darlin’. We have poppy fields to paint! Country jaunts, village visits and the makings of a picnic. Learn a little French, paint a landscape, daydream….repeat! Bonus photos this week include something purple - maybe a lavender field in Provence but you didn’t hear that from me…;-)


Module 5. Antique Market

Roses and antique watering cans go together like French Hot Chocolat and you. We will be painting the first and mixing up a batch of the other! We meander through the flower market in Aix en Provence and hunt down our watering can at the largest antique fair in France. More daydreaming, more travel diary entries and more enchanting photos of Provence that are yours to paint!


Module 6. Villages

Quintessential France - a cafe with market umbrellas. Should we paint it? But of course! A delightful visit to the most amazing emerald waters you’ve ever seen and some inspirational words from me to help you on your way. Did I mention that this week there will also be a bonus painting? Oui, oui! Two paintings, bonus photos and plenty of time to immerse yourself in France. La vie est belle. Life is beautiful!


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Our Time in France 

Get your paints out and breathe in the inspiration that has inspired generations of artists. Provence. For You. At home. This course is filled with unabashedly joyful color!


You are invited to leave your responsible, hard working adult self at the door and step inside for some much needed imagining, make-believing play and paint time! Don’t just paint, paint from inspiration that reflects you, your heart, and your soul. I’ve created a special place for you to do just that, filled with visions of France to spirit you away. Delights to stir your imagination. A place filled with enchantment that encourages and inspires you to start from the only real place one can ever start - the heart. You have been in my mind in every step of creation of this online painting escape to France.

You will be meandering through some of France’s most beautiful villages via our original French adventure mini movies! Recipes, journey maps and a French fiesta await you.


Here's the Lowdown

All of the content is available now for you to access as soon as you register. There are six creatively infused modules, filled to the brim with painting videos and inspiration! You will have access to all course content for one year!

9 Lessons

9 exquisitely produced, professionally shot high definition painting videos (over 10 hours run time)

6 Movies

6 incredible French Adventure movies filmed just for you (to totally connect you to your painting experience)

Lesson Notes

Downloadable tip sheets for each painting video


Authentic French recipes to help bring France home


Inspiring phrases with a French spin to print and keep for your painting space

Travel Diary

Travel diary pages with quotes and prompts to add to your adventure


6 high-def daydreaming videos filmed expressly for this e-course

Tour Maps

Custom created map pdfs to plot your way through the south of France


Reference section crammed with helpful tips & videos about the painting process

French Lessons

Petite French lessons from our interpreter on things you’ll love to know


Touches of France pdf filled with tips for adding old world romance to your life


20 bonus photos of our time in France, gridded and ready for you to paint and a whole lot more!


How This Works

Sign up

Once you're all signed up, you'll be able to immediately login and access the course and all of the content. Course content will be available to you for ONE FULL YEAR!

Time to Paint

All of the lessons within the module include instructional videos for 9 brand spanking new paintings for you to paint, beautiful PDF downloads, lesson notes, travel diary, a french fiesta and so much more.


You can access this course from anytime, anywhere! Across all your devices and in your pajamas at home whenever you're ready to paint with us. And did I mention—full access for one year!


I’m pretty positive you are going to LOVE the Dream.Love.Paint Once Upon a Time in Provence… course. Why else would I do it? To put your mind completely at ease, this course comes with a 100% money back guarantee. Ask for a refund within 15 days of the course opening and I’ll happily give you 100% of your money back. Try it on, mix some color, get inspired, feel some JOY, runaway to France… all risk free!

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6 Module Course/Access for One Year for $297 ($200 off)

I believe in full immersion or nothing at all. This course IS that. It’s a virtual trip to France for those craving an escape. If you desire to paint in a looser style and with more vibrant colors, you believe romantic French villages are pretty much the cat’s pajamas and speaking of pajamas, you like the idea of doing this at home, in your own place at your own pace, this is for you. Ready to dip your brush in the dazzling color and beauty that is France?


JOIN NOW - One Payment of $297 ($200 off)
JOIN NOW - Two Payments of $159 ($179 off)