You love to paint...

                  but you struggle to make consistent time at the easel.


You long to embrace more vibrant colors and expressive brushwork...

               You just don’t know how to get there.


You crave some magical, adventurous inspiration...

               but a trip abroad doesn’t make sense for your life right now.

What if you could grab your paints, explore the sun-drenched, vine-covered Tuscan hills, breathe in the culture, the food, the wine, hear the music, the gorgeous language, and have a seasoned artist teach you how to achieve vibrant color, loosen your brushwork, and find joy and excitement in your work again…all from the comfort of your home. At your own pace. With a group of like-minded artists supporting you along the journey?

Maybe you’d call that too good to be true. Maybe you’d even call it a dream experience.

But you can also just call it Timeless Tuscany, because that’s what we call it around here.

That’s right, say Buongiorno! to a virtual painting trip to a place that has inspired artists for generations.

Artist Dreama Tolle Perry was the very first to offer adventure-style painting courses (the first taking place in Provence!) and now she’s bringing you to Italy. As soon as you register you will be able login immediately and access all of the course content. You can work through at your own pace, in your own space! Course content will be available to you for one year!

Designed for varying levels of experience, this adventure will be released over six creatively-infused modules and goes way beyond a ‘how to’ painting course; immersing you in the adventure, inspiration, energy, and creativity that is Tuscany.

Your art will never be the same.

You will never be the same.

Raise your paint brush - or your glass of Chianti - if this sounds like you:

  • You’re ready to leave muddy color, uptight + rigid style in your painting past

  • You’d like to regain confidence in your abilities and voice

  • You’re getting back to your love of painting after years of life getting in the way OR you’re finally having a go at your bucket list

  • You’re hungry for an inspirational escape from everyday life and to engage all of your senses

  • You’d love for your paintings to be more painterly and more reflective of you

  • You feel most comfortable learning at your own pace in the time and place that suits you

Well, grab your passport computer (or any digital device of your choosing!) because that’s exactly what this premium, online adventure course is designed to do.

Here's what you get

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As we speak there are over 4,000 people taking one of my online painting courses.
Will you be one of the many who experiences an artistic, personal breakthrough via transporting to Italy?

(Psst: “Yes” in Italian, is “Sí.”)

What you'll learn

Pssst click on the arrows or circles below to slide through what you'll learn!

Let's talk about Italy

In case it hasn’t come through, I love Italy. And I know you will too. This is a place where artistic inspiration springs from the earth and stirs the heart with colors, stories, and imaginings in the most delightful of ways.

From silvery leaved olive groves to long ribbon rows of grapevines—there is simply no other place like it in the world. It is a painter’s land, a place holding both past and present beauty. In fact, it’s been said that were the ghost of Michelangelo to walk these places he would feel right at home—so little has changed.

Amerigo Vespucci’s family home still stands in the village of Montefioralle. The house of Mona Lisa sits nestled amongst the vine ladened hills just as it did in Leonardo DaVinci’s time. The people, the food, the history—so rich one must build many pauses into time spent there in order to feel what it’s all about.

With access to the Timeless Tuscany site for 12 months, to savor the delights of Italy and let it drip down onto your easel, there’s never a need to feel rushed! We’ll be living on Tuscan time and it will be fabulous.

To review, Timeless Tuscany offers you:

Lesson Notes
Downloadable lesson notes for each painting video.
Painting Lessons
9 exquisitely produced, professionally shot, high definition painting lessons (over 14 hours run time) that you can access at your own pace.
Daydreaming Videos
6 incredible ‘Sweet Life’ daydreaming videos shot for you to connect you deeper to your painting experience.
Adventure Videos
Tour Tuscany through the eyes of an artist in our made for you videos! The food, the beauty, the warmth of the people all come to life creating a truly immersive painting experience!.
Travel postcard pages with quotes and prompts to enrich your adventure..
Italian Phrases
Fun Italian phrases to print and keep in your painting space.
Bonus Photos
20 bonus photos of our time in Italy, gridded and ready for you to paint.
Reference Section
A reference section crammed with helpful tips and videos about the painting process.
Italian Tips
An Italy-centric pdf filled with tips for adding old world romance to your life.
Italian Recipes
Authentic Italian recipes to bring Italy into your home.
This is the ultimate pairing of art + adventure.
It’s simply waiting for you to run off with it.

Your 6 module course awaits

Investment $297 ($200 off) for one full year!

Fun math: This boils down to a little under a buck a day to have Tuscany and yours truly at your fingertips (and brush tips) for one year! Note: The cost of live domestic workshops + airfare, hotel, car rental, and food makes it easy to drop > $2k on a few days study (and if you are heading out of the country, it’s more like > $5k. As incredible as that can be, it’s not feasible for everyone...and you also can’t go back and rewind and rewatch for one full year ;)

Don’t consider yourself computer savvy? No problem! We have a team of wonderful people ready to help over the phone or online.


JOIN NOW - One Payment of $297 ($200 off)
JOIN NOW - Two Payments of $159 ($179 off)

Maryann S.

This is not simply a "painting Course" !!!! it's a totally remarkable experience for any level ( literally true beginner to advanced). You will learn more than painting skills as Dreama's approach is a 360 degree view of the artists: goals, music, cooking recipes, ideas, advice, inspiration, humor, travels etc. Dreama works her magic and you gain a wonderful group of supportive fellow artists as you share the class together. Well worth the price - I can't wait for her next Course to begin!!!


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Ready to paint your dreams?

Take a look at the works that new, beginner and experienced painters from our previous classes have produced! We’d love to see what you can create with us in Tuscany.


Itching to learn more about Dreama and her style?
Head on over here.


Have more questions about the course?
Check out this page.


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Will you really be able to paint like Dreama?
Take a look at the video above!


JOIN NOW - One Payment of $297 ($200 off)
JOIN NOW - Two Payments of $159 ($179 off)

1. Sign up

As soon as you register you will be able to login immediately and access all of the course content — split into 6 modules and filled to the brim with painting videos and inspiration, along with Tuscany adventure videos. Course content will be available to you for 12 months

2. Paint!

The six modules will coordinate with instructional videos resulting in 9 brand spanking new paintings for you to paint, beautiful PDF downloads, lesson notes, passionate postcards that motivate, a fun Mambo Italiano section and so much more. All you have to do is make the time to paint (which you’ll feel so inspired from the content and the group, you’ll be astounded at how much easier it is!)

3. Access

You can access this course from anytime, anywhere! Across all your devices and in your pajamas at home whenever you're ready to paint with us. And did I mention - full access to the course site for 12 months!


I believe in full immersion or nothing at all. This course is that.

- It’s a virtual trip to Italy for those craving an escape.

- It’s your chance to paint in a looser style and with more vibrant colors.

- It’s your invitation to the romantic Italian villages, which are pretty much the cat’s pajamas and speaking of pajamas, if you like the idea of doing this at home, in your own place at your own pace, this is for you.


Ready to dip your brush in the dazzling color and beauty that is Italy? I’m confident that you’re going to love Timeless Tuscany (why else would I have created it?) but to put your mind at ease, this course comes with a 100% money back guarantee. Ask for a refund within 15 days of the course opening and I’ll happily give you 100% of your money back.


Try it on, mix some color, get inspired, feel some JOY, runaway to Italy… all risk free!
It’s time to take the long way home through the vine-covered hillsides.
It’s time to follow the slow sunrises with your paintbrush and stir awake every olive leaf, every rooftop.
It’s time to start thinking and painting in magic.
It’s time to embrace the expressive, vibrant painter longing to emerge.
It’s time to ‘go’ to Tuscany.
JOIN NOW - One Payment of $297 ($200 off)
JOIN NOW - Two Payments of $159 ($179 off)