I am so happy you are here.

An entire crew was brought together – filming and shutter bugging all over the streets of Paris– so that you might join us in this magical place without ever leaving home. From the garden of Renoir, to the hidden passages, to the markets, to the centuries old fountains and so much more – you are going to be surrounded in all things Parisian!

I’ve long wanted to do a watercolor journaling course. Upon arrival in Paris, we all knew we had indeed picked the perfect place (or maybe it picked us…) to do just that. A city built by artists. Their energy, alive and well, helping to shape the content of this course. Renoir, Monet, Hemingway and more…all here, all welcoming us into the city of love and light, inviting us to become one of them!

What I dearly love about our merry little band of creatives is this. It never once escapes us what we are here for, who we were working for, and what the point of all this is…to capture, bottle and bring back the magic of Paris to you.

Sweet and simple. When you hold a clear and worthy objective, things can come together so beautifully. Everyone has their job and works tirelessly to make sure we don’t miss a thing. And me?

I always hold on firmly to the dream of capturing something special for one very special person. YOU. In this course you’ll find the beautiful magic that unfolds within when you begin watercolor journaling.

It’s been such a wonderful gift in my life that I can’t wait for you to discover it! Think of it as me sharing my créme brûlée with you. Yeah, it’s that awesome.

I would like to say that no croissants or créme brûlées were harmed in the making of this course. Heck, I’d also like to tell you I’m only 22 and that Monet was my great-great-grandfather…of course croissants were harmed!!! And maybe a créme brûlée or four 

Because life is busy and full and yet... you need a way to keep your gift gently shaken and stirred 

Because you deserve... the peaceful feeling that your creativity delivers. 

Because you need inspiration.. like I need a croissant.

It’s time to ‘go’ to Paris.

Join us now!! $497