Because life is busy and full and yet you
need a way to keep your gift gently
shaken and stirred.

Because you deserve the peaceful
feeling that your creativity delivers.

Because you need inspiration...
like I need a croissant.

(Fact: Lack of inspiration is the real reason behind why we procrastinate making our art! Fact: Croissants are flaky pieces of heaven.)

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Audrey Hepburn said ‘Paris is always a good idea.’

Dreama says ‘Just add water (color)
and you’ve one-upped Audrey… in a good kind of way.

Both make you feel like you’re walking on sunshine/dancing in the rain and who can pass on that? (Wait, are we talking Audrey and Dreama or Paris and Watercolors here??)

Say ‘Bonjour!’ to a virtual painting trip to the city that has inspired generations of artists.

Artist Dreama Tolle Perry was the very first to offer online adventure-style painting courses (the first taking place in Provence!) and now she’s bringing Paris to you by way of a watercolor journal.

Designed for varying levels of experience, the course has 6 chapters and you’ll have site access for a full 24 months. Bringing the enchantment of Paris to you with the freshness of watercolor journaling.


Ahhhh! My favorite part of explaining what awaits the soul who ventures inside this Postcards from Paris course 🙂

If you yearn to do a little something creative even though you’re certain you weren’t born with one creative bone in your body—this is for you.

If you feel short on time but long on desire to create, this course is the perfect fit—watercolors require little space, virtually no set up/clean up time and are delightfully portable!

If you have been painting years but feel a bit worn down by the mechanics and rules of creating and need to regain your fun/joy/exuberance, this course is for you.

If you feel constrained by life and perhaps by your own approach to painting and long to cut loose and free yourself—this is for you—private 

journaling helps you get your brave on!

If you’d like a better understanding of your creative self —yep, this is your course.

If you’d like to be showing up regularly to do your creative work—this is that course—the ease of watercolor journaling combined with the inspiration that is Paris makes for an irresistible combo!

If you’d like to find your joy in creating (again)—heck yeah—this is the one!

If Paris and art and creating sound like a bit of heaven to you— this course was made for (insert your name here!)
Dedicated to the creative escape, these will be petite paintings served in bite sized portions to keep you dipping into color and joy in mini painting sessions.

Here's what you get

6 Strolling in Paris Videos

That have so much rich content about the city and the lives of creatives! Delicious adventures into The Passages, The Arts District, A Side Trip to Claude Monet’s home at Giverny, Carousels, Flea Markets, Cafes, Luxembourg Gardens, Renoir’s garden, and more

6 Watercolor Lesson Videos

Professionally shot in HD, hours of capturing color and light in glowing watercolor!

6 Painting on Location Videos

In Paris and Giverny, Monet’s hometown!

18 Traceable PDFS

One for each lesson, location and bonus paintings. Traceable for quick start watercoloring!

Watercolor Tips

For watercoloring in your journal that include paper/journal info, handling of your watercolors, choices in watercolor and brushes, and oodles more.

6 Original Daydreaming Videos

Set in the sweet spots of Paris — Luxembourg Gardens, Renoir’s garden, Monet’s home in Giverny & more.


6 additional professionally shot photos of Paris with matching traceable downloads and completed reference paintings to keep you inspired!

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Practical tips and guidance for watercoloring and sketching in your journal.


Close up watercolor how to’s and tips (sure to get you in the ‘can’t wait to create’ mode!)


The fun and ‘how to’ of selecting journals, markers, pens, watercolors and more.


How to travel life lightly with your watercolors and journal in hand.


How to use your journal as an entry way to creativity and what you can expect as a result.


Insider’s stories of the creative side of Paris and how it’s connected to you.


Keeping it simple and why that matters.


How to use watercolor journaling to attract more creativity into your day to day living.

A full-bodied, online experience


If you’ve never taken a course online before, don’t fret. Our courses are designed and built to be incredibly intuitive, easy-to-navigate, and visually appealing.


And for those who feel painting is personal or there is a level of shyness to the learning, this is the perfect solution – because you’re painting at home, at your own pace, and possibly in your pajamas. Best part? You have access to the Postcards from Paris site for 24 months!

Access to amazing community

Added into the Postcards from Paris experience is a private Facebook group full of like-hearted artists, all ready to share the joy awaiting this online adventure.

You can share, chat, get advice and talk about art ’til the cows come home or the croissants are all gone—whichever comes first.

Bonus: sticking with your commitment gets a whole lot easier when you know you have an amazing community behind you holding you accountable and rooting for you.

What kind of guidance can I expect?

I feel uniquely qualified to share this with you because…I am a lover of journaling. Both painting and writing. I’ve painted 30 years with 15 of that being exclusively in watercolor.

I love the lightheartedness that overtakes me when I pull out my watercolors and get ready to simply draw a few lines. Watercolors are so simple, easy to use anywhere and everywhere.

They capture the ephemeral magic of life because you can do the moments—in a moment. There is a relaxation that takes place in your body that you can feel. Creating in your journal means you are going to keep it, not share it or show it (unless you want). It’s like your diary when you were a kid—it’s for your eyes and heart only!

Well over 5,000 people have experienced one of my online painting courses. Be the one who experiences an artistic, personal breakthrough via Paris and watercolor journaling!

Read what other painters say who have taken our courses here.

Have a question about the course? Read our FAQs and contact us here.

Sneak Peek



Chapter 1

Bonjour – Welcome to Paris! Like a delicious book, Postcards from Paris is ready to unfold for you, chapter by chapter. We begin turning the pages with sweeping views of Paris and dropping in on the oldest cafe in Paris (hello 1600’s!).

Fresh Parisian flowers and an Eiffel Tower picnic make their way into our journals.

Paris playlist, daydreaming video and a sweet bonus make for delightful beginnings!

Chapter 2

How is it possible that Paris is home to so much inspiration?

We are headed to the heart of it, ‘the Arts District’, Montmarte, in this chapter! Names like Picasso, Van Gogh, & Renoir echo around every corner.

We focus in on a fanciful door and balcony to add to our journal and spend some time in Renoir’s garden. More inspiration, another bonus and more quiet time—all to inspire you!

Chapter 3

Did someone say take a stroll? There’s nothing like meandering through the gardens of the Luxembourg palace, the same place that Hemingway walked for inspiration.

From patisseries to candy stores, colorful cafés and spending some time in the Tuileries gardens—we go with the divine flow that is Paris!

Bonus pic and quiet time at the Medici fountain make for an immersive experience!

Chapter 4

Slip into yesterday at the largest flea market in Paris (some say in all of France!)

Let your imagination ride on a Parisian carousel. Find yourself in awe at Saint-Séverin with its soaring heights and intricate stained glass.

Painted horses are waiting to be painted—along with a delightful Giverny café.

More immersing in Paris, quiet time videos and your journal!

Chapter 5

Paris is filled with hidden treasures and some invite you in for a stroll!

Hidden passages that step you back in time and an art store that was frequented by the Impressionists are on the list this week.

Cafés find their way into our journals and we add to our chapters in Paris!

Watercolor bonus and a painting of windows on the streets of Paris fill the heart with sights and sounds of this amazing city.

Chapter 6

Monet’s home is our ‘getaway’ for this chapter—after visiting the cafés and Parisian flower shops first, of course!
Watercolors of the perfect Paris scene and immersing ourselves in Monet’s vision are all waiting on you.
Settle in for your quiet time on the banks where Monet painted. Grab your journal and get ready to relax! 

Let's talk about Paris 

“If you are lucky enough to have lived in Paris as a young man, then wherever you go for the rest of your life, it stays with you, for Paris is a moveable feast.” Ernest Hemingway

There is nothing left untouched by the artists’ hands in Paris. So much beauty that it has been said it’s almost too much for one place to hold…and yet it does.

You simply cannot remain uninspired in this city of love and light. A few floors up in one building is where Van Gogh lived with brother Theo.

Around the corner Renoir gathered his friends to pose for his Luncheon of the Boating Party painting.

Carousels (originally built for adults!) are double decked and invite you to see the Eiffel Tower from the back of a gaily painted horse. Covered passageways with ancient signs are portals to the 1800’s.

Hemingway’s writing was inspired by Cezanne’s paintings and he often stopped to see them on his way through Luxembourg Gardens. Inspiration has an address and it’s Rue de Lightful, Paris ;-)

Painting Lessons 

6 exquisitely produced, professionally shot, high definition painting lessons that you can access at your own pace.

Painting on Location Videos 

6 additional watercolor journaling videos filmed on location in Paris and Giverny that you can paint along with while dreaming yourself there.

Daydreaming Videos 

6 incredible ‘Spring Always Comes’ daydreaming videos shot for you to connect you deeper to your painting experience.

Bonus Photos 

6 bonus photos of our time in Paris, ready for you to paint.


18 Pics of Watercolor Paintings by Dreama 

One completed watercolor image for each lesson (6), each location video (6) and each bonus photo (6).

Traceable Drawings 

18 drawing pdfs. Traceable for quick start watercoloring!


Tips Section 

A reference section crammed with helpful tips and videos about the painting process.

This course has over 12 hours of professionally shot and produced videos! Don’t consider yourself computer savvy? No problem! We have a team of wonderful people ready to help over the phone or online. 


Watercolor journaling amid the city of love and light — Paris. 

Gentle watercolor rains of refreshment for the busy mind. Soulfully created to get your delight up and running! Fun math: This boils down to about a little over a buck a day to have Paris and yours truly at your finger and brush tips for 24 months.

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