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It’s Time To 'Go' to Paris

The café is on and the croissants are served—pull up a chair to this paintable feast that has been set just for you!!

…I learn so much from you with each class I take. With journaling… it was very freeing… I have been braver about tackling a subject that I may have considered too complicated before. You also showed me more of Paris than I ever thought possible from an on-line course. It was a magical experience and I loved it all!

Becky V.

I went to discover the beauty of Paris and check out the new-for-me adventure of watercolour journaling, what I discovered was more of myself as well! My age old myth that I told myself was that I didn’t have a style of my own and that I had to struggle to imitate a “ teacher” or someone who had already gotten the worlds approval.... but with the encouragement of Dreama and the Dreamettes I let go and had fun!!! Painting wasn’t “work”.

Ellen T.
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