I’m Dreama. I’m an artist and writer. Named by my grandmother. Self-taught in art. Lover of books. Lover of color. Guilty of wearing purple eye shadow…and carrying a purple phone with my purple wallet in a….you guessed it, purple handbag.

Through sold out workshops in the US and Europe, 5,000 and counting happy, inspired students from around the world, including 15+ countries outside the US, 35+ years as a professional artist, real-life experience of painting, selling and building a strong online presence with my art and original paintings selling as quickly as they come available…

I’ve learned a thing or two about letting go, finding joy, arriving at my own unique artistic voice, falling in love with color, and letting go with the brush – in short – what works and what doesn’t and I can’t wait to share the best of it with YOU.

I’ve desired to share remarkable places with you and thanks to an incredible team of people…We are the first to create online painting adventures just for you – to the beautiful places you’ve been longing to see!

Nothing gives me more joy than seeing real change happen—and seeing YOU realize there IS a way to get to where you want to be with your art!

In a just a little over a year 3,000 creative people (just like you) have  jumped on board to study with me online!

It’s already being called “life changing”, “the most meaningful, helpful, fun art course ever created”, “powerful and exceeding expectations in every way”, “one of the most rewarding experiences I have experienced in my lifetime”.

An entire crew was brought together - filming and shutter bugging all over the south of France - so that you might join us in these places without ever leaving home. From the music, to the language, to the food, to the things you’ll see and the places you’ll visit - you are going to be surrounded in all things French!


I have found that dreams often have a way of becoming reality which just might explain how this course, Once upon a Time in Provence, came to be. Slowly but surely, piece by piece, the people, places and means started coming together to form our Dream Team. Finally the big day arrived and we landed in Provence!

What I dearly loved about our merry little band of creatives was this. It never once escaped us what we were there for, who we were working for, and what the point of all this was…to capture, bottle and bring back the magic of Provence to you.

Sweet and simple. When you hold a clear and worthy objective, things can come together so beautifully. Everyone had their job and worked tirelessly to make sure we didn’t miss a thing. And me? I held on firmly to the dream of capturing something special for one very special person. YOU.

In this course you’ll find answers to questions like – How can I paint looser? How can getting my values right free up my color choices? How can I avoid muddy colors in my paintings? How can I get vibrant color in my work? Join us to watch over my shoulder from start to finish, and miles of paint in between so you can see how to create luscious color and brush work in your paintings.


I would like to say that no baguettes were harmed in the making of this course.

Heck, I’d also like to tell you I’m only 22 and that Van Gogh was my great-great-grandfather…of course baguettes were harmed!!!

Why, sometimes I've believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast (Alice in Wonderland)...And you’re looking at one of them here. ~ Dreama